Posted by Jeremy on June 21, 2020 at 07:03 AM CST
Ever since the opening act of the Skywalker Saga fatherhood has had an important place in the Star Wars galaxy - from Anakin growing up without a father-figure until he meets Qui-Gon and eventually falls under the protective wing of Obi-Wan, who transforms into an over-protective brother.

A generation later the Skywalker bloodline is still playing out like a soap, instead of a space, opera; with a stroppy Luke storming out on his surrogate parents and then finding a mentor in old Ben Kenobi before finally learning - and accepting - who his father really was before he shares his family's dark (side) secret with his newly discovered sister.

The third and final act is just even more messed up, with two (possibly three if Jannah's origin story gets told fully) messed up siblings who had fractured relationships with their fathers.

Hopefully your lives are nowhere near as dramatic as the Skywalker's are, and you'll all get together to enjoy some quality family time without crossing lightsabres. If that sounds too perfect you can add some cringe with these hand-picked Star Wars-themed dad jokes. Enjoy!
Q: What is the Grand Army of the Republic's favourite TV show?
A: Game of Clones

Q: What app does the Jedi Order use to open PDF files?
A: Adobe-wan Kenobi

Q: Why did the Anakin cross the road?
A: To get to the Dark Side

Q: What cars do Jedi Knights drive?
A: Toyodas

Q: What is Jabba the Hutt's middle name?
A: 'the'

Q: Where do Sith go shopping?
A: To the Darth mall

Q: How warm is the inside of a tauntaun?
A: Luke warm

Q: Who's the Jawas' favourite escape artist?
A: Houdini! Houdini!
and finally...
Q: How did Darth Vader know what Luke got him for Father's Day?
A: He felt his presents
And if your son/grand-son doesn't even fake a laugh just tell him that you've got Anakin Skywalker coming over to babysit later.

Thanks to all the comics at for all the side splitters.

While we are waiting to hear what the final outcome of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2020 is, we want to know how you feel - have a look at our poll and pick the option that best suits your opinion.
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